Russell Worth, Country Director Greater China, Presented at the European Chamber of Commerce Event

21 November, 2014


Shanghai, PRC -- Nov-18, 2014 Russell Worth, Country Director Greater China, of Pacific Strategies & Assessments (PSA) spoke on "Managing Major Investigations," at a conference organized by the European Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai.  



Graeme Campbell, CEO at PSA, Spoke at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce Philippine Event

31 October, 2014


Manila, Philippine -- 10-Oct, 2014 Graeme Campbell, CEO of Pacific Strategies & Assessments (PSA) spoke at an event organized by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce Philippine.  As the 2016 presidential elections approaching, Graeme partnered with Sam Ohkoshi of OSC to speak on the current political scene in Philippine.

PSA Shanghai Anti-Bribery & Corruption Seminar

15 October, 2014


Shanghai, PRC -- PSA's Anti-Bribery & Corruption expert, Tim Bennett spoke to the Rotaract Association on 13th October in Shanghai providing insight into the current crackdown on corruption in China and practical tips and advice to the international audience of  business leaders.

Tim Bennett, Chief Commercial Officer at PSA, spoke at the Brit Club (Shanghai) meeting

11 September, 2014


Shanghai, PRC -- On Tuesday 9th of September, Tim Bennett, of Pacific Strategies & Assessments (PSA) spoke at the Brit Club meeting in Shanghai.  Following the arrest and recent conviction of British investigator  Peter Humphreys, Tim discussed the practical challenges of corporate corruption in China with real life examples, tips to handle allegations and a summary of how the UK Bribery Act affects UK citizens in China.

PSA Report Cited in The New York Times News Report

01 September, 2014


On June 26, 2014, NY Times published an article titled “U.S. Phasing Out Its Counter-terrorism Unit in Philippines.” The article evaluates the state of counter-terrorism effort in Philippines as well as U.S’s involvement in it.


Matt Williams, PSA's Country Director Philippines, is Quoted in the News

14 August, 2014


On Tuesday, August 5th, 2014, Asia, an online platform for news, analysis and opinion on national and regional issues in Asia, published an article titled "Southeast Asia Supplying Jihadists to Middle East?" The article has quoted Matt Williams's, PSA's Country Director Philippines, opinion on the issue over ISIS's presence in Southeast Asia region. 

Pacific Strategies & Assessments Welcomes Its New Country Director Greater China

07 August, 2014


Shanghai, PRC — Russell Worth has joined Pacific Strategies & Assessments (PSA) as the company’s Country Director Greater China. Based in Shanghai, Russell is responsible for overseeing PSA’s operations in the Greater China region.

PSA Contributed to The NY Times Article on The Attacks in Southern Philippines

31 July, 2014


On July 28th, 2014, NY Times published an article titled "Filipino Rebels Kill 21 Villagers Over Peace Deal". The article has cited Pacific Strategies and Assessments's data on the attacks in the southern Philippines, and quoted Matt Williams's, PSA's Country Director Philippines, opinion on the issue. 







Corruption Crackdown Embraces Modern Technology

29 July, 2014


The CCDI, Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, is engaging with the foreign companies and Chinese citizens like never before with updates to their website on latest investigations.

PSA Released a Whitepaper on “China’s Healthcare System and the Rise in Pharmaceutical Fraud”

25 July, 2014


The corruption investigation and charges against GSK, Britain’s biggest pharmaceutical company, could very well be just the start of multinational pharmaceutical companies’ problems in its biggest emerging drugs market, China. The infamous GSK case, with the involvement of the Chinese government, Britain's fraud office and The U.S. Department of Justice, clearly alerts All multinational companies (regardless of industries) to practice their business with caution at all time, even when in foreign countries.

On that note, Pacific Strategies and Assessments have just released a whitepaper titled “China’s Healthcare System and the Rise in Pharmaceutical Fraud”. 

Xi Jinping's Corruption Crackdown

21 July, 2014


President Xi Jinping’s corruption crackdown in China has been an ongoing process that does not seem to be letting up. Numerous companies and officials have been affected due to the strict anti-corruption actions. While a little anti-corruption may be good for the country, how much is too much?

PSA in the News

09 May, 2014


Pacific Strategies & Assessments (PSA) was quoted by on the Philippines' new defense pact with U.S.

Business Ethics: Creating a Culture of Integrity

25 April, 2014


On Wednesday 23rd April 2014, PSA's Tim Bennett Country Director Greater China was invited to speak at the ASIS International Hong Kong Chapter. Tim spoke alongside eminent speakers from Citigroup and the Hong Kong Jockey Club promoting the use of ethics hotlines and creating an internal culture of ethical behaviour and compliance in the work place.



PSA in the News

21 April, 2014


PSA Business Risk Intelligence Manager and Senior Analyst Mars Buan was quoted by The New York Times on the kidnapping incident in Malaysia.



The Risks and Opportunities for BPOs moving out of Manila

04 April, 2014


In response to the tremendous success of the growing Business Process Outsourcing sector in the Philippines and the trend to locate outside the established business centers around Manila;  Pacific Strategies & Assessments (PSA) organised a breakfast seminar on 26th March entitled, “The Risks and Opportunities for BPOs moving out of Manila”.





Corruption and Conducting Investigations in China

12 October, 2013


Readers who have been following events in China will be aware of the investigation by Chinese authorities into GlaxoSmithKline that has spread to all foreign, and some Chinese pharmacy companies. Doctors in China receive low base salaries in relation to the years of study and practice they invest in their profession. Their salaries are often supplemented with bonuses based on hospital revenue and this can lead to over-prescribing for profit rather than patient need.

Security and Development in the Philippines

12 October, 2013


In an effort to reach those most impacted by poverty, development organizations often work in areas complicated by security threats such as terrorism, kidnapping, clan warfare, and general lawlessness. PSA works closely with both public and private development organizations in the Philippines, providing security planning, crisis management, and intelligence. Over the past five months, a spike in violence in Central and Southwestern Mindanao has highlighted the importance of proactive security programs that enable development professionals to operate safely in the face of ongoing threats.

Audits in South America

12 October, 2013


PSA’s Senior Fraud Investigator is currently conducting two comprehensive audits in South America for an international non-profit organization. The first audit concerns the organization’s business continuity management. This audit reviews the organization’s level of preparedness and ability to continue operations in the event of a serious business disruption, such as a natural disaster. Although such disruptions are infrequent, when they do occur, they have the potential to halt the organization’s operations, sometimes at a significant financial loss for the organization.


Legal Discovery and Litigation Support Services

12 October, 2013


PSA now has the capability to provide clients with legal discovery and litigation support through a partnership with a trusted and highly vetted business process firm located in Manila, Philippines.

Appointment of PSA Group Chief Executive Officer

12 October, 2013


We are delighted to announce that Michael Short, formerly the global head of World-Check’s IntegraScreen Enhanced Due Diligence business, has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer for PSA Group.


He has over 25 years experience in the risk management and screening business; he has built and led some of the most innovative companies in this space.

Due Diligence and Investments in the Asia Pacific

22 August, 2013


The Asia Pacific region continues to be regarded as one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world. In recent months, PSA has experienced increased interest in key emerging markets in Asia Pacific such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam from international investors. In addition, several clients have asked us to support their first steps as investors in Myanmar. PSA also continues to work with clients with interests in more established markets, such as China, India, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

Anti-counterfeit Investigations in China

22 August, 2013


PSA works with a number of international clients in Asia to manage the presence of counterfeit products, an ever-present problem for foreign manufacturers in the region.

The Mining Industry in China

22 August, 2013


The global demand for metals and rare-earth metals continues to drive expanded production and higher returns, but global economic constraints have caused cuts on some control measures that can help protect mining firms from corruption and other risks.

Philippines : Computer Forensics Delivers A Pound of Cure

01 February, 2012


Does your firm have what it takes to confront the truth; and put an end to financial loss and reputational risk? Ask yourself that question. Many companies find it difficult to directly confront this issue; but once they have made the hard decisions, the results are sometimes startling.

PSA’s Regional Reach: Strong Networks for Providing Professional Services

01 February, 2012


Over the dozen years since its establishment, PSA has earned a well deserved reputation as a leading security and business risk consultancy in both China and the Philippines. PSA’s investigative, due diligence, and security consulting services in these two countries have consistently received praise from within the professional security industry; and from clients alike.