Based on our experience, the manufacturing sector is one of the most risk-prone industry sectors in Asia. Procurement fraud, theft of intellectual property, and a widespread culture of corruption are some of the most common issues PSA is engaged by clients to resolve.


PSA has led a number of internal fraud investigations for manufacturing clients across the region, often following whistleblower allegations of suspect behavior, such as taking bribes from vendors and suppliers, manipulating the bidding process, signing off on “ghost” purchase orders, leaking confidential documents to unauthorized external parties, serious employee misconduct, and stealing high-value materials. PSA has had considerable success using digital forensic investigation techniques in such cases.


PSA has undertaken on-site security audits, and provided market entry intelligence to the manufacturing sector across Asia. We have led full-scale security management programs for prominent multinational manufacturing firms, security assessments of facilities, security strategy development, corporate due diligence on vendors, suppliers, and business service providers.



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