Oil and Gas

PSA provides security management and business intelligence services to the most prominent international oil and gas companies operating across Asia; both on and offshore. Offshore, PSA has supported the construction and operations of platforms, pipelines, seismic surveys, and drilling. Onshore, PSA has supported the construction and operations of drilling projects, refineries, port facilities, gas plants, pipelines, monitoring stations, storage depots, supply chains, and retail outlets. Most notably, PSA led the security program for the development of the Malampaya Gas to Power Project in the Philippines with participation from 1998 through to 2007.


In China, PSA has provided oil and gas companies with wide-ranging security services, including security consulting, sensitive investigations, and employment screening. PSA has also conducted comprehensive socio-political and security assessments that provide foreign firms with a comprehensive understanding of their operational environment and mitigate the potential risks that many natural resources firms face when doing business in Asia. 



The Asia-Pacific region has emerged as an attractive destination for foreign mining firms, in part due to the availability of untapped raw materials, lower barriers to entry, and for the most part, favorable tax regimes.


However, mining investments in the region are often accompanied by risk, be it political, security, legal, social, or environmental. 


PSA provides security management, business intelligence, area risk assessments and community relations consultancy to the mining sector, helping foreign mining firms navigate the complex set of risks and threats they are likely to face when operating in Asia. PSA has managed the entire security management and market entry program for multiple mining firms. This includes security and socio-political assessments and strategy, the provision of onsite security managers, executive/personal protection and extortion response. PSA has also conducted ground intelligence gathering and government/military liaison services to identify potential issues and to protect mining personnel and assets. 


Power and Energy

PSA provides a range of security services to the power and energy sector, that includes provision of onsite security managers, comprehensive business intelligence services, and extortion response. We have a thorough appreciation for the issues that commonly confront foreign investors in the power and energy sectors across Asia.

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