Our Solutions


We understand that businesses are at different phases of their business cycle when they need our services.


That’s why PSA partners with our clients to provide comprehensive, integrated solutions for the risks faced by businesses in Asia, at every stage of their development.  



Investment Phase

Market Entry & Intelligence

- Political Risk
- In-Country Risk
- Market Entry Assessment & Strategy
- Travel Threat Assessment

Partnering Phase

Enhanced Due Diligence

- Value Hire Screening
- M & A Due Diligence
- Joint Venture Due Diligence
- Vendor Screening 

Mature Phase

Security & Crisis Management

- Strategic Security Consulting
- Crisis Management & Continuity Planning
- Supply Chain Security
- Security Audits
- Technical Security Engineering
- Security Training & Executive Awareness
- Brand Protection

Compliance and Best Practice

Corruption & Fraud Prevention

- FCPA & UKBA Compliance

- Conflict of Interest Investigations

- Fraud Prevention
- IT Security
- Corporate Investigations
- Litigation Support (Asset Tracing)





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