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ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors are fast becoming a key part of the regulatory landscape. ESG metrics are becoming more standardized and applied in a variety of contexts by different stakeholders to measure the sustainability and social responsibility impacts of businesses. In the coming years, US, EU, and other authorities will increasingly prescribe due diligence or disclosure requirements meant to address ESG issues in value chains.

PSA is a leading provider of due diligence reporting. We offer in-program Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) services to mitigate various regulatory and operational risks among third-parties, suppliers, and other potential business partners, as well as tailored Investigative Due Diligence (IDD) services to address specific concerns regarding high-risk or high-value transactions.

EDD+ESG Reports

For integrated risk and compliance programs

Companies face increasing pressure to integrate a variety of risk management programs under one roof. As this process continues we anticipate that it will become essential for ESG and other concerns to be integrated into due diligence programs already in place to assess other risks. PSA’s in-program services, built around Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) reporting, can provide crossover solutions to identify and understand risks among the broadening spectrum of issues falling within the scope of integrated risk management programs.


Investigative ESG Due Diligence

Focused evaluation of sustainability risks

Our investigative due diligence solutions use in-region subject matter experts to produce tailored assignments in support of high-value and complex transactions. We regularly develop and implement a scope of work to achieve client-driven information objectives including specific ESG concerns. We then use a range of on the ground interviews, local knowledge driven public records access, and the ability to conduct detailed reviews of identified material in local language to support evaluations of sustainability and social concerns.


A Natural Extension of our Due Diligence Offerings

PSA’s Enhanced Due Diligence report, often used in TPRM programs, already screens for key ESG factors. The EDD offers add-on options of natural ownership tracing, site visits, and collection of commentary from discreet sources. This basic scoping can be expanded to seek additional information for clients looking for more comprehensive sustainability information about their third parties.

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