PSA has conducted corporate investigations into issues of embezzlement, fraud, corruption and other misconduct in over 50 countries located across the globe. Our investigative team works quickly and effectively, minimizing the impact that contentious situations have on a business’s operations and reputation. Employing proven investigative methods such as digital forensics, data collection, and advanced interview methods, PSA’s core of skilled investigators can develop evidence and maintain its integrity to prepare for its use in criminal or civil procedures.

PSA has a proven track record in supporting Fortune 500 companies in international, single jurisdiction, complex, and cross-border investigations. Our experts can also advise in developing management plans for internal investigations in order to better prepare our clients for the growing range of crises experienced by multinational companies.




Whistleblower Response Investigations


Corruption and Embezzlement Investigations


Supplier and Procurement Fraud and Collusion Investigations


Asset Tracing & Litigation Support



A multinational energy services company approached PSA to look into a manager in the Middle East suspected of colluding with vendors to overcharge the company. The client, however, had been unable to connect the manager to any of the suspect vendors. PSA’s on the ground investigators were able to uncover family connections in the manager’s home country and work backwards to link these family members to several of the company’s vendors, uncovering a multimillion dollar fraud network built around the manager’s relatives. The investigation also uncovered several properties belonging to the family, enabling the client to take legal action to recover lost assets.

PSA was engaged by a client to investigate the abrupt resignation of a major multinational corporation’s China general manager along with his key staff. Inquiries revealed that he had been living a lavish lifestyle, far beyond the means provided by the company salary. Our investigators further identified that important corporate records under their control had gone missing. Computer forensics revealed deleted files from seized computers that detailed widespread embezzlement perpetrated by the general manager and his associates at the company. PSA was able to help the client secure evidence and obtain witness testimony in the matter, as well as identify several close associates of the general manager who were still holding key positions in the company.

A global technology firm suspected an Asia-Pacific sales manager of assisting contractors to overcharge the company. PSA engaged in an investigation into assets and company registrations that ranged from the US to East Asia to India. Investigators found that not only was the sales manager overcharging the company, but the contracting companies that facilitated this were all shell companies whose ultimate owner was the sales manager’s wife. These companies had overcharged the client a total of tens of millions of dollars. PSA also identified assets which the client was able to freeze in order pursue litigation to recover losses.

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