Whistleblower response is an increasingly important part of every company’s compliance environment, with a growing list of countries around the world requiring whistleblower protocols. Whistleblower allegations demand special attention from a company’s decisionmakers and present a unique set of investigative challenges. Every company should have a robust process to respond to whistleblower incidents and manage subsequent investigations.

PSA has prepared a brief outlining the ways in which organizations can best prepare for an investigation and handle the process of engaging with external support to bring it to a successful completion.

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With more than twenty years of global experience, PSA has deep experience in whistleblower response and other areas of corporate investigations. PSA’s unique capabilities in investigations and global information gathering allow it to rapidly and expertly support your company’s whistleblower response process. To learn more about PSA’s investigations capabilities, visit our Investigations page or contact info@psagroup.com.

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