Market Entry & Intelligence



– Market Entry Assessment & Strategy

– In-country Risk Assessment

– Political Risk Assessment

– Travel Threat Assessment

Enhanced Due Diligence Services


- Value Hire Screening
- M & A Due Diligence
- Joint Venture Due Diligence
- Vendor and Distributor Screening (KYV)
- Client Screening (KYC)

Security and Crisis

Management Services


- Brand Protection
- Security Training
- Executive Awareness
- Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
- Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
- Incident Response
- Asset Protection
- Hotlines
- Security Audits
- Security Consultancy

Corruption and Fraud

Prevention Services


- FCPA & UKBA Compliance
- Fraud Prevention
- IT Security; Computer Forensics
- Corporate Investigation
- Litigation Support 

- Conflict of Interest Investigations

Pacific Strategies & Assessments

Reducing Business Risks Across Asia



Pacific Strategies and Assessments (PSA) is the premier Asian business risk consultancy. We are privately owned and therefore truly independent and free of conflicts of interest. Clients hire PSA with confidence.


PSA was founded in 1999 by the late Scott Harrison, following a distinguished career with the Central Intelligence Agency. PSA began as a small political risk consultancy focused on the Philippines. The company expanded to China in 2004, and today we have operational capabilities across the Asia-Pacific region.


PSA provides comprehensive and integrated solutions to manage the business risks our clients face in Asia.  Specifically we provide Market Entry and Intelligence, Enhanced Due Diligence, Security and Crisis Management



and Corruption and Fraud Prevention Services - enabling our clients to make informed decisions. We are recognized across the region as the leading provider of timely, accurate and business-focused risk solutions. 


Our clients include global financial institutions, oil, gas and extractive companies, manufacturers, power and energy providers, retail and professional service firms.  We help clients minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of doing business in markets that are complicated by political and economic uncertainty, endemic corruption, terrorism and lax rule of law.