Cross-border investigative expertise

For two decades, Pacific Strategies & Assessments has assisted clients in complex cross-border corporate investigations. We are regularly engaged to provide our in-region investigative expertise and our ability to develop effective investigative strategies for admissible outcomes in asset tracing, forensics, and critical information collection during commercial litigation and disputes.

International Investigative Expertise

PSA provides support to clients with multi-jurisdictional investigation requirements. We combine records and document recovery with interviews, forensics and proven collection methodologies to provide critical and judicially admissible insight

Investigations and Litigation Support

We are regularly engaged by in-house and external counsel to provide effective and admissible support during each stage of the litigation process, including identifying and verifying critical claims, gathering evidence, and identifying witnesses and assets.

Whistleblower Response

We understand the special considerations that apply to whistleblower response to investigations. Our investigators work to protect the integrity of the process without compromising the anonymity of whistleblowers or raising concerns about retaliation.

Grounded in our principles

Our investigative practice is grounded in our own strict code of ethical and legal conduct which is informed by our broad ethics and compliance expertise. Our methods are informed by decades of experience and information is legally and ethically sourced.

PSA has conducted investigations in more than 50 countries on six continents. We are able to extend our capabilities to assist clients in virtually every country in the world.

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Targeted Strategic Guidance to help you understand your operating environment

Due Diligence

We offer a broad range of due diligence products tailored to our clients’ needs and based in deep understanding of best practices and regulatory guidelines.

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