Transactional Due Diligence Services

PSA’s transactional team routinely conducts pre-IPO and transactional due diligence aimed at identifying a range of off-balance sheet regulatory, ESG, and reputational risk.

Our team is capable of engaging in comprehensive research and investigation into large conglomerates and a multitude of subsidiaries and affiliated individuals.

We are guided by the due diligence standards provided by the SEC and other relevant regulatory bodies and are sensitive to the regulatory requirements faced by the financial sector.

We search for issues traditionally facing regulatory scrutiny such as sanctions and corruption as well as emerging issues of regulatory concern facing many MNCs operating in high-risk sectors or geographies.

PSA’s deliverables exceed the highest standards for due diligence reporting. Complex, multi-subject projects are presented as coherent wholes so our clients have the clearest possible picture of even the largest multinational group.

PSA’s team engages in comprehensive research and corroborative field work to proactively evaluate risks.


Diligent research of public information including:


  • Media and other online sources
  • Searching available corporate records & databases
  • Annual Reports/Announcements of listed companies
  • Interim Financial Reporting – Analyst reports
  • Discreet interviews with knowledgeable sources


Events Driven:


  • Allegations in the media and/or online
  • Credit Rating/Analyst Reports
  • Whistleblowers/Poison Pen Letters
  • Regulators receive complaint

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